Kim Kardashian Just Can't Keep Her Mouth Shut About Taylor Swift

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Steer clear of her man. Everyone in the world knows that Kanye West and Taylor Swift have serious beef with one another. But up until this point, Kim Kardashian has stayed out of their issues. She has a breaking point, though. In a clip for this week's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim goes off about Taylor to her sister Kourtney, because she refuses to hear the pop star bash her husband for one more minute.


In the clip, Kim defends her decision to stick up for Kanye -- and diss Taylor -- in her recent GQ interview. In the interview, Kim maintains that Kanye absolutely got permission from Taylor to rap about her in his song "Famous." (Taylor's reps say exactly the opposite.) In the KUWTK clip, Kim confides in her older sister that she thinks that Taylor is "playing the victim" and says that she's tired of all the sh*t-talking people do about her husband. 

Check it out. Kim holds back nothing!

Kim obviously is Team Kanye and you kind of can't blame her for defending her husband. A gal can only skirt around a subject for so long. No doubt, Kim knew that there would be plenty of people who would disagree with her, but she didn't care. She went with loyalty. 

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Though she's rarely as blatant as her enemies, Taylor often hits back on Twitter or during an acceptance speech in some sort of vague terms. So it definitely won't be a surprise if in the next few weeks, Taylor gets a dig in at Kim. But from the looks of things, Kim DGAF. She's got her family, her man, she's good. 


Image via Luis Yllanes/Splash News

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