Kylie Jenner Ditches Her Long Hair for an Ultra Chic Bob

kylie jenner

She's a bobbed bombshell! On Thursday, Kylie Jenner chopped her signature long locks in favor or a super short bob -- no doubt, Kylie's shortest hairstyle yet. Kylie, rarely one to have a private moment, documented the entire process from start to finish on Snapchat, starting with posting a video of her taking out her extensions and applying a deep conditioning treatment. Exciting stuff!


Even though this technically wasn't Kylie chopping her hair off in the true sense of the word -- just taking her extensions out and getting a trim -- it's still a drastic change. And it looks great! Check Kylie's bob out:


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So cute, right? Kylie looks great with this cut. Though, let's be honest here, no one should get too attached to it, as Kylie has a tendency to change her hair up every few weeks.

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Like all of her sisters, Kylie is a beautiful girl, but she seems to be the only one who's willing to play with different looks. Sure, Kim will go light once in a while, but Kylie is always ready to drastically change up her look at the drop of a hat -- and that's kind of fun. 

Love the new look, Kylie! Try to keep it for a few weeks if you can. If not, we get it, though. It can't be easy to resist changing your hair when you constantly have access to the best hair stylists in the world. We would too. 

kylie jenner


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