Update: The Blood Between Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Is Still Very Bad

There isn't anything quite like a good celeb feud to keep our heart rates up and our senses tingling, and there are few celeb feuds as good and fun as the one between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Those two girls spit fire over Twitter, and we'd be lying if we told you that that didn't bring us a deep and satisfying joy. They've been laying pretty low recently, but Katy and Taylor are back at it again, all because of a Calvin Harris tweet. What a lame thing to fight over, guys!


We're not really complaining, though. This stuff is gold.

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Here's the story: Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris break up (you know this). Time passes, drama happens, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, Taylor's PR team confirms a rumor that Taylor cowrote Calvin's latest big hit, "This Is What You Came For." Not that shocking, but Calvin took it personally. He did some tweets:

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Okay, so. All going according to plan. But then Calvin does this:

Sound the alarms!!! Fire off alerts!! Someone tell Katy Perry!!! Oh, wait. She heard. And the known Hillary Clinton fan tweeted right back:

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What is she saying! In our expert opinion, it's either:

a) "Good point, Calvin! She should be happier in her new relationship!"

b) "You think you won't be buried? Good luck, brah."

c) "If y'all think I care about any of this, you're insane."

d) "THEORY: Calvin's in on this elaborate Hiddleswift ruse and he and Taylor aren't really broken up at all! And I see right through you, losers!"

All quiet on the Taylor front, but you better believe it'll be big news if or when she pipes up. Hopefully sooner rather than later. We're ready for some answers over here!!


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