Playboy Model Apologizes for Publicly Revealing She's a Body-Shaming Bully

Dani Mathers

The gym can be an intimidating place -- and we mean the entire experience from working out to showering in the locker room. Even women who feel comfortable with themselves are sometimes nervous to undress in the locker room. And, despite what many may think, this feeling isn't just reserved for high school girls who were late bloomers. That's why we're totally appalled to find out that, according to Revelist, Playboy model Dani Mathers inconsiderately (and immorally) snapped a picture of a naked woman getting changed and posted it on Snapchat. 


As if that's not bad enough, she captioned the picture, "If I can't unsee this then you can't either" and went on to post another snap of her feigning disgust. 

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Where do I even begin here? What's not wrong with this picture? Well, aside from the obvious body shaming, I can't. No. I won't get over this awful invasion of privacy, whether it was meant to be shared with the world or truly just meant for a friend, which is what the model claims in a video in which she apologizes for her ugly transgression. 

In the video, she clings to the fact that she never meant for this awful photo to be made public, but we're not buying it -- if for no other reason than that as a grown-ass woman she should be well aware of the consequences of putting images and messages onto social media. Nothing is actually private. 

After explaining her intentions and what it is that she meant to do, the model tries to defend herself by pathetically stating, "That's not what I'm about, that's not the person that I am." 

After deleting her mean-girl stunt, she also apologized via Twitter but has since, reportedly, deleted her account, as well. According to the BBC, she wrote on the platform "there is no excuse" -- while also giving us the aforementioned video filled with seemingly bullsh*t excuses. None of the above, though, has stopped the public from sharing their outrage. 

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But what's more is that even after her claims that this is not the person she is -- I'm still not biting. This awful act is truly defining of a person and, sadly, it is her true self. If we're being real, she doesn't actually regret what she did. She only regrets being caught, not invading this woman's privacy for the sake of a mean-spirited giggle from her friend. She's sorry that now we do know who she is and where she seemingly stands on body positivity. 

And that's all I see when I watch her apology video. I see through her and her terrible acting. I see her making a mockery of a woman whose body does not look like hers. I see her using her powerful platform (one built on showcasing her own body positivity) for evil. 

That is what I see. 

Image via Paul A. Hebert/Press Line/Splash

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