Watch Reese Witherspoon 'Bend & Snap' to Celebrate 15 Years of 'Legally Blonde'

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods on Legally Blonde's 15th anniversary

Yesterday marked 15 years since Reese Witherspoon won our hearts over and totally made us want to attend Harvard Law School (er, was that just me?) in her definitive role as Elle Woods. Typically stars may let the anniversary of a film go by without much acknowledgment, but Reese clearly knows what we know: Legally Blonde was life back in the day. So it would've been an injustice to fans had she not acknowledged it. Nonetheless, we certainly weren't expecting the bubbly actress to dig out her old wardrobe and reenact some of our favorite scenes ... which is just what she did.


Witherspoon took to Snapchat to give us a "trip down the memory lane" of Elle Wood's most coveted moments -- giving us everything from bend-and-snap to her poolside admission video. 

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Witherspoon began getting fans revved up a day before, telling them to dig into their closets for pink and join her in the celebration by tagging their photos -- whether they were pics of clothes, pets, or, hell, just pink -- with the tag #LegallyBlonde15.

Hope everyone adhered to Elle's "pink" fashion guidelines -- Because "whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed." Right, Elle?

Seriously. �� #LegallyBlonde15

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This is all so necessary, as we tend to forget that Elle Woods was the OG of "Girl World" -- not Regina George or Blair Waldorf. So with that said, it's no wonder she was hip to the fact that this costume is 100 percent acceptable for a "costume party." 

And before Facebook stalking came into vogue, the tried-and-true "bend and snap" was thee way to snag a guy. That, and going out of your way (um, attending law school) to prove just what he was missing out on -- until you actually don't even want him anymore (because, as if ... jerk). 


While this role inspired almost all of us, there's one thing as sure as the sun, and it's this: We'd have to try damn hard to achieve Elle status -- and she (or Reese) proves this with her flawless poolside pics, as we sit at our desks drowning in the blue screen saver that plagues our computer screens. 

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Meanwhile, we'll be sitting here rewatching as Reese totally embodies her character for us -- you know, since we can't actually be her. 


Image via Reese Witherspoon/Instagram

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