Lamar Odom Looks Carefree & Cozy With Mystery Woman

lamar odom

Please say she's just a friend. Not long after being kicked off a Delta flight for being intoxicated, Lamar Odom has touched down in his hometown of NYC. The former NBA player seems to be in good spirits with nary a care in the world as he strolls down the streets of his native Queens. The strange part, though? Lamar is seen arm-in-arm with a gorgeous mystery woman. Let's hope they're old buds, because the last thing Lamar -- or this woman -- needs is a relationship when he's in this state. 


Being that this is his old stomping ground, this certainly could be an old friend -- or even a relative. But even with that said, Lamar is definitely not averse to getting involved with someone right now. A day earlier, he was spotted getting cozy with a stripper in Queens. Hmm ... what happened to him wanting to reconcile things with Khloe?

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It's great that Lamar seems to be in good spirits, but um, is he not concerned at all about the fact that he vomited on a plane a few days earlier? Or that he was kicked off of said plane? And out of his house by Khloe? He seems awfully carefree for someone who clearly has serious issues right now. And it certainly doesn't seem like a recovery is under way. 

The sad truth is that things don't seem like they're going to end well for Lamar. If he's partying it up with random people after something so serious occured -- instead of talking to a therapist -- it's a bad sign. Hopefully, this woman is just a friend of his, and nothing more. Because there's definitely no need to drag someone else down with him. 


Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

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