Josh Duggar Seen in Public ... Dressed Like a Cow

Ever since he got out of rehab a few months ago, Josh Duggar has kept a pretty low public profile. Even his family has avoided posting any pictures of him getting back to life as usual, and he certainly hasn't been posting on social media. But a family friend recently posted a picture of Josh -- and he's dressed like a cow.


On Tuesday, Josh was featured on Duggar family friend Sierra Jo Dominguez's Instagram page, along with his wife Anna, their young children, and several of Jim Bob and Michelle's younger children. They were all dressed in bovine apparel, in order to get free chicken sandwiches.

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Chick-Fil-A has declared July 12 Cow Appreciation Day, and gives free entrees to anyone brave enough to come in and order while dressed like a cow. It looks like they probably scored a lot of free chicken sandwiches.

Moo. ��

A photo posted by Sierra Jo Dominguez (@sierrajodominguez) on

Of course a lot of critics were appalled that Josh would go out in public to score free food for his family, but they should probably give it a rest. First off, the restaurant chain wouldn't do the promotion if it wasn't in their best interest, so the Duggars aren't taking advantage of it by any means.

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Second, a lot of people may not agree with Anna's decision to stay with Josh through his sex scandals and infidelity, but that's her choice. And she looks happy in this photo. Happy to be out with her husband and family, trying to get some sort of normalcy.

If this is the life they've chosen together, then who is anyone to say it's wrong? And really, those four precious kiddos deserve a dad who is willing to go out and do fun and silly things with them.


Image via annaduggar/Instagram

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