Rob Kardashian May Be Resorting to Extreme Measures to Lose Weight

He's following in his family's footsteps! Apparently, Rob Kardashian is considering liposuction, in order to shed 50 pounds before his upcoming nuptials with Blac Chyna. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has already shed a significant amount of weight in recent months, but reportedly is turning to surgery to lose even more.


A source told OK! magazine that Kim Kardashian's little brother has hit an "exercise plateau," and is willing to go to extreme measures to achieve his body goals.

The insider revealed, "Rob needs to drop 50 more pounds to reach his goal so [BlacChyna referred him to her plastic surgeon." The doctor reportedly "suggested Rob immediately start noninvasive liposuction on his back, buttocks, arms, belly, chest, and neck."

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If anonymous sources to tabloids are to be believed, the reason Rob can't lose the weight on his own is because he's still indulging in the party lifestyle. The source also confessed:

Rob isn't clean and sober by any means. Alcohol and pot are readily available through the crew that he and Chyna hang out with. He's not abusing like he has in the past, but he hasn't completely cut that stuff from his lifestyle, and that's become a factor in his inability to lose the weight.

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Of course most (if not all) of the Kardashian-Jenner crew has undergone the knife at one point or another to improve their looks, but we're thinking Rob should continue on his diet and exercise regimen to lose the weight. It's one thing to get lipo for problem areas, but it's not supposed to be for overall weight loss.

Ultimately, we just want Rob to be happy ... but we want him to be healthy too! 


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

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