Kim Kardashian Gets Flustered When Child Asks Her Why She's Famous

kim kardashian

The million dollar question! In a somewhat confounding "interview," Kim Kardashian sat down with a preschool-aged child named Sid to answer questions on her fame. Cutting straight to the chase, Sid, point-blank, asked Kim why she's famous. And this could be the most flustered we've ever seen the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star! 


The conversations were posted to Snapchat, but it's unclear where the pair are, who Sid is, who the camerawoman is, and why they're there. Regardless, the questions this little one asked Kim are hilarious. 

First, Sid asked Kim why she's in magazines:

Then Sid asked Kim if she's famous:

And then Sid asked Kim why she's famous:

Ha! And Kim totally was going to answer that question. If only the woman filming didn't interrupt! 

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Sid then asked Kim if she can make her mom an emoji. "An Allison emoj?" Kim then said, hinting that they may be talking about her BFF Allison Statter.

Only a child could get away with asking Kim questions like this. Gotta love it! And good for Kim for posting these -- shows she sees the humor in the convo, too. 

But man, who else is dying to know what the heck Kim was going to say about how she became famous? Not an easy thing to explain to a small fry. 


Image via JENY/Splash News 

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