Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar's Marriage May Be in Serious Trouble

It looks like Josh may have wrecked more than his own marriage. A source close to the Duggar family has reportedly revealed to Life & Style that Jim Bob and Michelle are having marital issues, and it's all because of Josh's multiple sex scandals last year.


In May 2015 it was revealed that Josh had molested four of his sisters and another underage family friend, and apparently Michelle was not happy with how Jim Bob and the church elders handled it. She allegedly didn't think he deserved to be sent away for hard physical labor as a "strict punishment."

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When Josh got caught in the Ashley Madison hack last August, and admitted to cheating on his wife Anna, it apparently had quite an effect on Michelle too.

Life & Style's insider said:

[Michelle] has actually raised her voice to Jim Bob. The Jim Bob Michelle fell in love with 32 years ago is very different from the man she knows now. Her bears little resemblance to the young man who was filled with hope and happiness.

First off, if this is true, we think it's great that Michelle is standing up for herself in her marriage. Marriage is supposed to be a partnership, not a husband completely controlling his wife.

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Second, even if they are having some issues, don't expect to see them in divorce court. Just like Anna is staying committed to Josh, Michelle doesn't believe leaving is an option either. The source explained, "That would be against everything she lives for. But they are not the happy couple they once were."

We hope they really are doing okay! No one should have to feel trapped in a bad marriage.


Image via duggarfam/Instagram

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