Old Footage of Prince William & Prince Harry With Diana Will Melt Your Heart

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Well, this is a pleasant surprise. A Prince Harry fan Facebook page unearthed an old video of Prince William and Prince Harry playing around with Princess Diana and Prince Charles. The video, which is from 1985, was released in the past, but thanks to the Facebook group, it's enjoying a nice little resurgence -- and when you get a load of 3-year-old Wills and and 1-year-old Harry, it's easy to see why. 


The video was taken at the royal couple's home in Kensington Palace. Diana and Charles had been married just four years and they seem very much in love and relaxed. The parents are trying to have a photo shoot with their boys, but in true toddler form, the little guys aren't having it. Check it out:

So cute, right? How adorable was it when Prince William planted a kiss on Prince Harry ... and then wiped it off? It must be so funny for Prince William to see himself at this age when he has a toddler son himself. 

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It didn't exactly come as a surprise that Princess Diana looked as graceful and at ease as she did -- she always appeared this way. But it isn't every day that we get to see such a silly and playful side of Prince Charles. He seemed like such a fun, hands-on dad -- just like his son. And note to the duke and duchess: When the kids are acting up, try the putting-a-hankie-over-your-head trick. 

Even though their family fell apart for a while, it's nice to see that there were happy, sweet times among the princes and their parents. Clearly, it wasn't all bad. And how lucky William and Harry are to have each other. They appear to be as close as they are now when they could barely walk. What a gift for both of them. Such a precious video. 


Image via INFphoto.com/Splash News

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