Jill Duggar's Husband Had a Near-Death Experience in El Salvador

Fans were seriously worried about Derick Dillard last week after seeing a photo of him looking particularly gaunt, but now Jill Duggar has revealed that her husband nearly died while on the mission field in El Salvador. Only it's not what you think.


Despite concerns for Derick's health, Jill revealed in a recent blog post that he was almost literally struck down by an act of God. She talked about it being the rainy season in El Salvador, where they are currently serving as missionaries, and said that Derick was walking home recently when disaster almost hit.

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Her hubby of two years ran into a friend, and stopped to talk to him for several minutes. Then, she wrote, "A minute or so later while they were still talking a little ways from the house, a bolt of lightning hit the tree next to our house!"

She revealed that the blast was so frightening, it started everyone, and even knocked their friend off his feet. Thankfully she was inside with 1-year-old Israel, and everyone was safe.

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But she didn't let the opportunity pass to be grateful for God's protection. She shared, "We were talking later with some of our friends and realized that had this friend not stopped Derick to talk with him, Derick could've been walking through water as he headed to our house and could've been electrocuted by the lightening [sic] through the water on the ground."

That's some pretty scary stuff! We're glad they're okay, and hope to see Derick looking more like his old self again soon. Lightning scare or not, he's not looking particularly healthy these days.


Image via jillmdillard/Instagram

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