18 Adorable Celebrity Maternity Pics That Make Us Wish We Were Preggers

Stephanie Elliot | Jul 19, 2016 Celebrities
18 Adorable Celebrity Maternity Pics That Make Us Wish We Were Preggers

Whether one is already a mom, pregnant now, thinking about trying, or nowhere near motherhood, there is something about a pregnant woman that makes most of us go, "Aww!" And when that pregnant lady is a celeb, we want to know all of the details, especially when her maternity pics are enough to make a woman swoon with baby envy. That mythic tug on the uterus when a cute baby is around? Oh yeah, it's real.

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From Liv Tyler and Alanis Morissette, who both recently gave birth, to Olivia Wilde, who posed with her son, Otis, these celebrity moms are giving us some serious FOMBM -- or Fear of Missing Being a Mom. We know it might be wrong to say, but celebrity moms make it look so glamorous and easy! Just once we'd love to have a carefully coordinated and decorated baby nursery and have the whole world care when we get gestational diabetes. And the bumps on these women? Get out of here with those perfectly convex, tanned tummies. Fine, we'll admit it -- we really wish we were pregnant, but only if a spread in Us Weekly is part of the deal, okay?  

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Take a look at these celebrity maternity pics that may make a woman wish she were the one with a bun in the oven. 


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