Kate Middleton Shows Off Superpowers by Levitating for the Cameras

kate middleton

She's a princess with powers! A recent photo of Kate Middleton at the Thiepval memorial to the Missing has people scratching their heads as the duchess appears to be levitating. Like, legit flying a few inches off of the ground. Well, if anyone's supernatural skills don't come as a surprise, it's Kate's. There's nothing this woman can't do.  


Now, obviously Kate really isn't levitating in this photo -- or should we say levikate-ing? -- but the pic was snapped at such an odd moment that it really does look that way. Check it out:

Crazy, right? Obviously this is just a weird camera angle that caught Kate at the perfect moment, but it seriously looks like she's hovering a few inches off of the ground -- and all with perfect hair and makeup. Impressive, Kate. Impressive. 

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Kate may not be happy that the public has been made aware that she's been blessed with the power of flight, but hopefully she's not too upset. We wouldn't want her to go casting a spell on us, now would we?

kate middleton


Image via Splash News

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