Prince George Tackles His First Official Engagement Like a Seasoned Royal

Prince George Official Engagement

Even though he's just a preschooler, this little guy is taking his job very seriously. On his first official engagement in the United Kingdom, Prince George visited the Royal International Air Tattoo on Friday with his parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William. Based on the photos, it seems George had the time of his life.


When William isn't busy carrying out his royal duties, he serves as an air ambulance pilot, and George sure looks like he's ready to follow in his father's footsteps! He pretty comfortable in the cockpit -- not bad for guy who isn't even 3 yet. 

Prince George Official Engagement

George was reportedly heard asking his parents if he could fly the plane, to which his dad said, "Not right now." Guess he'll have to settle for a little imaginative play with his toy aircraft back at Anmer Hall. 

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Even if he didn't get to soar his into the sky, this adventure has to be a little fella's dream come true. Thanks to his years of experience, William should be able to give George quite a lesson in aeronautics. 

Prince George Official Engagement

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It must've been a treat for everyone attending the airshow to catch a glimpse of the color-coordinated royal family. 

Prince George Official Engagement

But if one attendee had the most fun of all, we'd have to guess it was George! Wonder if a helicopter has found its way onto the prince's birthday wish list?

Images via Splash News

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