Ashley Graham Calls Out Amy Schumer for Being Quick AF to Disown 'Plus Size' Label

Ashley Graham and Amy Schumer

Here in girl world, we've been fighting to rid ourselves of the outrageous beauty standards that society set for us long ago -- fighting to get more curvy girls on magazines and also fighting to erase the industry's warped definition of "plus size." In a generation that prides itself on being body positive, Ashley Graham has made it her mission to represent curvy women who, as she puts it in her recent interview with Cosmopolitan, "were never considered beautiful" by the "high-end fashion people." That mission is also why she can't totally get behind those who are quick to dissociate themselves from the non-Hollywood norm. Cue, Amy Schumer.


Graham -- who doesn't personally identify as plus size, but doesn't shy away from an opportunity to represent the women who do -- is calling out Amy Schumer for her slight tantrum back in April when Glamour pegged her as plus size. Schumer essentially called the unexpected labeling "not cool" and "not glamorous." And, frankly, like Graham, we can't totally get behind Schumer's rationale either -- in fact, we're calling bullsh*t.

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Sure, Glamour should have asked if she was cool with the inclusion (if they, in fact, did not). But here's the thing -- while it was totally OKAY for Schumer to call out an industry for having ridiculous standards (and even the whole notion of what constitutes "plus size"), her comments seemed to be shameful (more so toward herself than anyone else).

As Graham pointed out, "Amy talks about being a big girl in the industry. You thrive on being a big girl, but when you're grouped in with us, you're not happy about it?"

You can't empower and embrace certain standards only when it's convenient for you. It's much like people appropriating a culture and then being upset when they are lumped in with that culture or, better yet, when that culture expects them to speak up for what it is that it stands for. 

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Which is pretty much what Schumer did, as we have seen her make jokes about her body before, and she has seemingly identified as being proud of her non-waifish physique -- until it became inconveniently clear that the industry saw her that way, as well. 

So, while I agree that the standards are in fact absurd, I also believe that it's our responsibility as women to delicately remove this size-stigma, doing so in a way that doesn't make women who identify as one way or the other to feel less than or unwanted. 

And to that extent (as much as we love Amy), I think Ashley Graham has got the right idea. Plus, she looks effin' gorge on the cover.


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