15 Times Kim Kardashian Seriously Overshared About Her Sex Life

kim kardashian

She's an open book -- and that doesn't exclude her sex life. Kim Kardashian has made some seriously eyebrow-raising comments about sex in the past few years, and being that she's one of the most famous women in the world, it's hard to unhear what she's said. From the craziest place she's ever done it to the kind of lover Kanye is, Kim is certainly not shy at all when it comes to sharing details about her intimate life.

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This may not be too surprising seeing how her original claim to fame was a sex tape, but there is pretty much no denying that she is one of the most influential women of the decade. Therefore, when she gets real about sex, it's still going to grab people's attention. 

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I mean, it's a natural thing, right? If she's fine with being vocally liberated about her sexuality, then more power to her! Also, people tend to love the fact that Kim is an over-sharer.

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Here are 15 of Kim Kardashian's most TMI comments about how she likes to get busy. All we can say is: Kanye is one lucky dude. 


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