Prince William's 'Stand Up to Bullying' Message Echoes Princess Diana

prince williamWhen it comes to bullying, the royals really do all they can to stop it. And in times like these, where love seems to be needed more than ever, Prince William recorded a public service announcement to encourage others to "stand up" and not just "stand by." The Duke of Cambridge's message is part of the first ever "Stand Up to Bullying Day," and it's in his mother's honor. The PSA is inspiring.


As Prince William says, "It is our collective responsibility to be alert, and to be ready to challenge the behavior we see around us. We all have a role to play to ensure that we do not stand by, but instead stand up, and put a stop to bullying." He goes on to say how bullying affects all of us — and it certainly does. It’s not just the child on the playground, but adults in every day life, kids from all over the world, behind computer screens and in person. "Bullying is an issue which can affect any one of us, regardless of age, background, gender, sexuality, race, disability, or religion. It can happen for many reasons. It is often stupid and cruel, and can take many forms," the prince said.  

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While we hear this message all the time, the sad fact is that it often doesn't resonate. With more people repeating the message, more people will follow it, and take note of bullying around them and make efforts to stop it — to stand up instead of standing by. It was most certainly the late Princess Diana's message. And it is something that Prince William isn't just doing in her honor and the honor of the Diana Award, but also because it is how he grew up, and what he was taught. Being an anti-bully is what William and his brother Prince Harry are all about — they do so much to make sure everyone feels equal, and show how our differences are beautiful, and how we can all learn from one another. It is that compassion and care that is so much a part of Diana's legacy, and to see the efforts that her children make gives us hope.

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After all, Prince William certainly married a woman who feels the same way he does when it comes to this. Princess Kate Middleton is an incredible ambassador of peace and love and living in unity. And now that they have two children, they will raise them with the same values, helping to ensure the future is full of promise. And change for the good. That is our hope, and the hope of this PSA. If we start with ourselves, we can make a difference.


Image via Pierre Teyssot/Splash News

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