Let's Just Be Happy for Taylor Swift & Whatever's Going on With Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston If you've seen plenty of PDA-packed pics of Taylor Swift and her new beau, Tom Hiddleston, you may be wondering if this is finally the real deal or just an elaborate hoax. Seriously, it's starting to seem as if Tay has a film crew documenting this burgeoning romance, which is moving at lightning speed and, thus, making lots of Swifties suspicious.


Some are even suggesting that Tom's "I [heart] T.S." tank, worn during their fun-filled July 4th weekend that looked like a modern update on the 1960s classic Beach Blanket Bingo, is merely part of a costume for what could be Swift's more elaborate post-breakup retaliation yet, complete with a music video?

Sure, the "Bad Blood" singer is one creative gal, but would she really go to such great lengths to get back at recent ex Calvin Harris? C'mon, she and Tom met each other's parents! She walked on the beach in England with his mom, for heaven's sake. Would they really force family members to be part of this charade? Seems unlikely, right?

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BFF Britany Maack may have even made the duo "Instagram official" by posting this pic of the couple along with other celebrity royalty, Blake Lively and hubby Ryan Reynolds, following their July 4th festivities:


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Perhaps being around these married couples has gotten Tay thinking about walking down the aisle herself. At 35, Hiddleston may be considering settling down as well. 

So, to paraphrase Van Halen, tell us "why can't this be love?" If these two are putting us on -- and we know Tom's a fine actor -- they're sure laying it on thick!

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If it's real love, good for Swift for getting right back out there, following her heart, and not caring what anyone thinks of her jumping headfirst into what certainly looks like a pretty serious relationship. She definitely appears to be having the time of her life. If she's secretly nursing a broken heart while acquiring a fake boyfriend and a massive inflatable waterslide, maybe she should consider a switch to acting! 'Cause it looks pretty darn authentic to us.


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So, as Taylor herself knows all too well, the haters gonna hate, but she'll continue to shake it off just fine. Time will tell if this is really "the one."


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