20 Times Khloe Kardashian Was Too Devoted to Lamar Odom

Khloe Kardashian Lamar OdomKhloe Kardashian made a vow to love Lamar Odom in sickness and in health. But let's face it, sometimes "forever" isn't forever. And considering Lamar's near fatal incident in that Nevada brothel, he's lucky Khloe even speaks to him at all.

We love Khloe's devotion to her ex, but sometimes it seems like she's a lot nicer to Lamar than he deserves. Family is family, but sometimes poor Khloe gets taken advantage of, and that just isn't right. Check out all the times she put way more into her relationship with Lamar than she got back.


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  • Easter Sunday

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    They're not together, but Lamar was still invited for Easter with the family.

  • Cross Country

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    When Khloe flew across country for Kanye's fashion show, she took Lamar with her. Now that's what we call nice.

  • Friends With Benefits

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    Despite Lamar's checkered past, Khloe and her ex are rumored to still be hooking up. Eeek.

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  • Getting Lucky

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    In an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe joked she'd remarry Lamar "if he's lucky." How could she even joke about that?

  • Do-Over

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    After his overdose, Khloe withdrew her divorce papers from Lamar so she could help him get better. Say it ain't so, Khloe.

  • Nerves of Steel

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    Khloe admitted to feeling tremendous anxiety about being seen in public with Lamar for Kanye's New York fashion show, but she still let him join her anyway.

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  • Hop a Plane

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    When news first broke of Lamar's overdose in Nevada, Khloe quickly hopped on a plane to be by his side. And she was instrumental in his recovery.

  • High Road

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    Khloe took the high road when it came to Lamar, saying, "I always want to feel like I can say hi to anyone I've had a relationship with if I saw them in public. I never want to go anywhere and be nervous because so-and-so is there ... And if it is awkward between us, I want to find a way to fix it. I'm not about that bad energy!"

  • Just Between Friends

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    1. After Lamar's overdose, Khloe was diplomatic about his injuries, saying, "We tell him he had a brain injury, but I can't tell him about how that brain injury was caused because it will set him back."

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  • Friends Helping Friends

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    Khloe explained her reasons for helping Lamar by saying, "I'm there helping him and I love him and I've always loved him. And that will never change. And I just feel like it's a really insensitive thing to fast-forward a divorce."

  • Low Ball

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    Lakers fans blamed Khloe for Lamar's sagging career, making her the scapegoat for his problems.

  • Family Affair

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    Khloe's entire family supported Lamar through his recovery in Nevada.

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  • Tweet for Tat

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    After vowing to stay sober, Lamar was caught drinking. And while Khloe tweeted that she was "disappointed," she didn't say more about Lamar's situation.

  • Belief System

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    Khloe admitted that filing for divorce tested her beliefs.

  • Endless Love

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    Even after Khloe's split from Lamar she said, "I'll never not love him." Aww.

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  • Wedded Bliss

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    Despite reports that Lamar cheated on Khloe during their marriage, she said, "I love Lamar to death. He is the love of my life. We had a fantastic marriage. Do I wish he had tried harder? Yes. Do I think that he maybe didn't have the energy to fight because he was fighting so many other things? Yeah."

  • Fighter

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    Khloe loves to express herself through her social media and even referenced her desire to stay married to Lamar if only he had fought harder for their marriage.  

  • Lost Without You

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    • Khloe posted on Instagram, "I can't live without you." Here's hoping she meant she can't live without her sisters and not the guy who cheated on her multiple times.

  • Best in Show

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    Khloe remains eternally diplomatic about Lamar, saying, "Lamar is genuinely one of the best people I've ever met, and everyone says that when they meet him. I think Lamar’s gonna always be that person [for me] but that’s what made it so special. Even if I had it for five years or whatever, it was the best ever and I'm grateful I did. Some people don't get that ever and I had that magic for a long time."

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  • Other Fish in the Sea

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    Instead of posting about all the other guys she'd get to date since her split from Lamar, Khloe focused on accepting the pain of a breakup and letting the world know she was hurting.  

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