Kim Kardashian Explains Exactly Why Her Waist Looked So Teeny in That 'M.I.L.F. $' Video

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Damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. After appearing in the video for Fergie's new song "M.I.L.K. $," Kim Kardashian -- of course -- is getting crap. If you're a busy person who has a "job" or needs to "take care of kids" you may have missed the vid. But basically all you need to know is that Kim wears a skintight outfit and takes a shower. However! People are now calling Kim out, saying that her waist was edited to look teeny-tiny. And in true Kim fashion, she's firing right back. Boom!


After being on the receiving end of a barrage of comments, Kim clapped back at her haters with a Snapchat video that featured her science-defying body, along with a caption that said "F*ckYoPhotoShop #CorsetLife." Sounds about right. 

FuckYoPhotoShop #CorsetLife M.I.L.F.

FuckYoPhotoShop #CorsetLife M.I.L.F.$

A video posted by KimKanyeKimYe (@kimkanyekimyeofficial) on


A video posted by KimKanyeKimYe (@kimkanyekimyeofficial) on

So, there you have it. Apparently, Kim's minuscule waist in the video is thanks to a corset that's squeezing her insides together like a vice. Doesn't look very comfy, but hey -- at least she's being honest. And clearly Kanye, who's behind the camera watching his wife's every move, approves. 

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If you're going to call out Kim Kardashian about something -- particularly about her appearance -- you best be ready for her to dish it back out to you. If there's one thing Kim won't tolerate, it's people bashing her selfies and saying that she's altered something with the help of a computer when she hasn't.

It's a corset, m'kay? Get it straight. 

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Image via Simon Earl/Splash News 

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