Derick Dillard Admits Jill Duggar Wasn't His 'First'

Jill Duggar's husband reveals he dated other girls Though we know this reality star was saving all her love for her husband, it turns out that may not have been reciprocated. Derick Dillard is revealing that wife, Jill Duggar, was actually not his first -- girlfriend, that is. The 27-year-old shares that he had other suitors before marrying the 19 Kids & Counting star in 2014.


According to the Duggar Family Blog, the book Growing Up Duggar, written by sisters Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger, in 2014, has gotten an update.

This expanded version includes "never-before-shared stories of courtship and marriage" from Jill and Derick as well as Jessa and her hubby, Ben Seewald.

The site features this excerpt from Derick to entice fans to pick up a copy of the re-released book:

I had had a couple of girlfriends before meeting Jill, and chaperoning was new to me. But just because I had handled relationships one way in the past didn't mean I couldn't do it differently going forward.

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Hmmm, we can't help but wonder how Jill feels about this. Obviously, we're sure he probably told her while they were courting, but still, most wives don't love dwelling on the subject of their husband's exes.

But, we're sure Jill has nothing to worry about. Since marrying, the couple welcomed their firstborn, Israel, who turned 1 in April, and have been busy doing missionary work in Central America. So not only are his old girlfriends out of mind, but they're sure to be out of sight, as well.

We can't help but wonder if Derick has more to say about these relationships. Guess we'll have to read the book to find out!


Image via jillmdillard/Instagram

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