President Obama Makes Us Swoon With His Adorkable Birthday Serenade to Malia

Barack Obama and Malia Obama, White House Celebration

For many of us, the weekend was all about Independence Day, but for President Barack Obama, it was also his eldest daughter Malia's 18th birthday. Sure, nationwide this is a monumental moment for any father, but here's the thing -- not many could celebrate the occasion quite like President Obama was able to, and that's just a fact. Others may have taken advantage of the actual musical talent that joined the first family to kick off their last 4th of July White House celebration -- but not Obama. Instead, the "cool" dad chose to belt out a genuinely loving "Happy Birthday" to Malia, using talents like Janelle Monae as backup to his questionable (but adorable) vocals. 


Prior to breaking out in song, he reasoned, "Just because it's a job of a father to embarrass his daughters, I've got one last job." He then alerted the guests in attendance: "It just so happens that we celebrate our country's birthday on the same day that we celebrate my oldest daughter's birthday." 

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And while, of course, this endearing act of love was just another reminder of what we're going to be missing out on when the first family exits the White House, for me it was something a bit more. 

In a world that has been rigged to bring the black community down and portray only the most atrocious images and perpetuate the worst stereotypes of black families in the media, the past eight years of the Obama family's serving have been one of the best things to happen to us since the Huxtables (of course, before Bill Cosby's scandal came to light).

If President Obama did nothing else, he helped reduce the awful stereotypes of the black family dynamic that are often portrayed in the media; he and his family served as a reminder that we're so much more than broken families -- we, like everyone else, have diverse family dynamics, and sometimes that means a broken family or single-mother home, but sometimes it also means we have astonishing fathers, who don't get enough credit.

Nevertheless, the media insists on showing its narrow-minded perspective that villainizes both black men and the black community as a whole. 

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So, for me, watching the president get to be the great husband and father that he is in front of the media truly made me swoon inside. All the while it crushed me to pieces on the inside because it's unnerving to think that our one exemplary family will no longer be ours soon -- and at that point we have to return to the reality of what we are to the media. 

It's a reality I'm not ready to face. 


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