17 Celebs Whose Skills in the Kitchen Make Us Sufficiently #Hangry

Tanvier Peart | Jul 7, 2016 Celebrities

Gwyneth Paltrow cooking a meal for Cameron Diaz

Cruising the Internet on an empty stomach can be a very dangerous thing, especially if you don't know how to cook. Thankfully, there's inspiration all around us to put down those takeout menus (hey, it adds up!) and start shuffling around some pots and pans. All we have to do is look to the stars. 

(Ha ha, get it? Sorry ...)

Some celebs are seriously giving trained chefs a run for their money... and giving the rest of us some jealous hangry pains. Here's a look at some stars whose culinary creations will make you want to lick your computer screen. (But, beware, browsing while hungry is not advised.)


Image via goop/Instagram