Kylie Jenner Sparks Wedding Rumors After Calling Tyga Her 'Husband'

kylie jenner

Post-breakup nuptials? A few days after Kylie Jenner officially let the world know that she and Tyga are back together, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has sparked wedding rumors after a strange video she posted to Snapchat. Kylie referred to Tyga as her "husband" in a recent post, and, naturally, the reference has people scratching their heads. 


While perusing nail designs during at at-home manicure with her pal Jordyn Woods (#goals), Kylie zoomed in on a shot of an Egyptian-themed nail and said, "This reminds me of my husband." 

Tyga, whose son's name is King Cairo, bought a $20,000 (real) Egyptian tomb to put in his clothing store Last Kings, so Kylie definitely was talking about the rapper. The only question is: Why?

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It's doubtful that Kylie and Tyga ran off and got married, but dropping an H-bomb right after rekindling her romance is definitely a bold move. Hopefully the pair isn't thinking of getting married, because let's be honest here: The odds of their staying together (after two breakups) are pretty slim. 

The good news is Kylie is clearly happy for the moment. No matter how things went down with Tyga in the past, or how ugly their split, the pair is currently all about each other. Good for them. 

That said, Kylie's family supposedly isn't super pumped that the youngest Kardashian-Jenner is back with her rapper beau. A source told People, "Her family isn't too upset about Kylie and Tyga being back together. They don't think it's permanent." Doesn't exactly sound like they were popping the champagne. 

Here's to hoping Kylie and Tyga have another good run in front of them. And if not, there will surely be plenty of other men and women waiting in the wings. 


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