Chrissy Teigen Calls Out John Legend's Outfit in a Pic That Gives Us #Goals

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

As adults, sometimes celeb love stories are as close as we can actually get to fairy tales -- or, at least that's the way it seems when we sensationalize their relationships as if they're storybook characters. Nevertheless, they still give us hope, inspo, and all-around #RelationshipGoals. Among those duos are Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. There's just something so warm, comfortable, fun, and lighthearted about their relationship. I truly have no choice but to believe there's so much love there, as they both seem to adore the hell out of each other -- and their Instagram pic on the night of Kim Kardashian's GQ party says it all.


Teigen teases her hubby with the most adorably loving caption ever, saying, "Look at john lookin like a hot senior that got held back 19 years." And quickly adding (after a storm of emojis), "I love you my handsome man!" 

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She didn't shame him for glamming down while she was glammed to the nines. She embraced his throwback style without any (serious) criticism -- and that there is love. I'm not sure that many women would've embraced the bomber jacket look (even if it's Dior) for such an event. But, then again, I know nothing about the kind of events that are hosted by the likes of the Kardashians. 

But more importantly, when aren't these two giving us shipping goals? (And I swear it's not just because John told Us Weekly how lucky he is that "at least one person wants to f*ck" him.) Honestly -- see for yourself ...

They never forget to acknowledge each other and all that they do for one another -- even if this day it was just John's "DILF" style:

Get it, dilf!!

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The couple that plays together, stays together. Obvi!

i am going to vomit

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Goals, goals, and more f*cking goals. This is all anybody ever truly wants -- to be accepted, KFC and all:

hesitant to finish this KFC because I'm gonna be so sad when it's gone

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Because, duh! We all low-key want a guy who adores us enough to get a little "stalkerific" ...

Stalking @chrissyteigen

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... and a man who is all about taking on daddy duty with an adorbs baby carrier: 

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However, this (when awful people shamed Chrissy for going on a post-baby dinner date) is what really won our hearts over:



 Image via chrissyteigen/Instagram

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