Anna Duggar Thinks She Has to Be a Perfect Wife to Keep Josh on the Straight & Narrow

Ugh, we're really hoping that this isn't true. According to reports, Anna Duggar treated her cheating husband Josh like a conquering hero when he returned home from rehab for his alleged sex addiction. It's one thing to forgive someone, but another entirely to bend over backwards to please the person who destroyed your life. 


Josh Duggar was involved in multiple sex scandals last year, and spent nearly seven months in rehab after he was caught cheating on his wife and four kids in the Ashley Madison hack. 

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Anna stuck by his side the entire time, and even lived at the Duggar compound in Arkansas while Josh received treatment. According to In Touch, she even blames herself for her husband's infidelity.

A source told the mag:

She lost a bunch of weight ... [But] she still feels insecure. She's been going nonstop, not only exercising but getting their house ready for him, like he's a hero returning from war. It's really sad.

The insider explained that Anna believes "he'll be less likely to cheat" again if she is the model of a perfect wife.

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How awful is that? Josh so completely does not deserve Anna, and he should be kissing the ground she walks on for even contemplating staying with him, let alone doing it.

Anna isn't the one who lied, cheated, and basically acted like the biggest hypocrite ever. Josh did that, all on his own, and unless he makes a huge heart change, no amount of being the perfect spouse on Anna's part is going to keep him from straying again.


Image via TLC

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