19 Celebs Who Shut Down Body Shamers & Had Us Bowing at Their Feet

Caroline Olney | Jun 6, 2017 Celebrities

Chrissy TeigenXactpiX/Splash News

The Internet, bless its soul, provides a blanket of accountability we didn't used to have. Of course, the flip side of that is that people tend to air their grievances about celebrities and their bodies loudly and publicly online. What they don't remember, though, is that that same forum also gives celebrities the chance to address the shaming they get and shut it down in a cool and controlled manner. This is obviously delightful to witness, and nothing fuels our own self-love quite like watching celebrities laugh in the faces of body shamers.

From smack downs and hair flips to flat-out denial, here are 19 celebs who fought against body shaming with the best, most infectious flair.



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