14 Kate Middleton Wardrobe Staples She Just Can't Live Without

Kate Middleton
Kirsty Widdlesworth/WPA Pool/Splash News

We all have those go-to pieces in our wardrobe that we can depend on to look great on more than one occasion. But for Kate Middleton, those pieces happen to be elegant Jenny Packham dresses, and fascinators that resemble the Spaceship Earth globe at Disney World's Epcot park. Sure, these aren't the most casual of pieces, but for Kate and all of the royal events she goes to, they are most certainly necessary.


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Even though Kate has access to more sartorial resources than most of us can dream of, she still favors certain outfits and silhouettes enough to make them staples in her wardrobe. Sometimes she even wears one of her iconic gowns or two-piece ensembles more than once -- we know, fetch the smelling salts. But hey, if a dress works, who we are to knock it? We certainly wear our favorite Old Navy flats multiple times a week. And the truth is that Kate looks great no matter how many times she wears her favorite essential pieces -- that's what makes them classics. We'd still switch closets with her any day. 

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Keep reading for a look at 14 pieces this very stylish duchess depends on to look posh in every situation.

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