20 of Kim Kardashian's Most Epic Fashion Fails

Kim Kardashian Kanye West
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Rumor has it that Kanye West has been dressing Kim Kardashian ever since the two of them got together. Sure, he has a thing for blinged-out couture, and her style has improved since marrying the rap maestro, but that doesn't mean Kim isn't immune to fashion fails. Truthfully, Kim has had more than her share of fashion low points. Some of them have even be epic. We're not laughing at her though -- we're laughing with her. Still, some of these are outfits she'd probably like to forget.

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We love that Kim always tries when it comes to fashion. The problem is that sometimes she just tries the most, which means she also has some epically bad fashion fails. From crazy clothes combinations, wearing outfits that were too revealing or ill-fitting, or all of the latex Kim dons, she truly has made an art out of taking the wildest fashion risks. And sometimes Kim wins -- but when she fails, she fails really, really big. We've collected our favorite photos of Kim's fashion mistakes, so that fans can decide from themselves if these looks are fabulous or total flops. 

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Read on to see which looks we give Kim the side-eye on. We thought Kanye could dress her better than this! 

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