19 Times We Wished We Could Read Kate Middleton's Mind

Meredith Gordon | Jun 29, 2016 Celebrities
19 Times We Wished We Could Read Kate Middleton's Mind
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Kate Middleton
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Every girl totally envies Kate Middleton's glamorous life as a princess. But truth be told, all those parades and balcony waves can probably get a bit redundant. Because for all of Kate's cool clothing and famous friends, she rarely gets to actually speak in public. In fact, if we could read Kate's mind, we're pretty sure it would be epic. Check out all the times it was clear that Kate's thoughts were anywhere but in the moment.

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Being part of the royal family means we're almost positive that Kate silently has to keep her thoughts to herself. She must be rolling her eyes in her head all day long! But we're sure that this royal doesn't think anyone can tell when her mind seems to be elsewhere. What is Kate really thinking when the Queen has to make a speech or she has to sit through a (let's face it) really boring ceremony with no bathroom breaks? Even though she is a pretty perfect future princess, Kate is still a person who has inner thoughts and feelings. And we love when she lets those feelings slip! 

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Read on to see some of our favorite moments where we caught Kate zoning out into her own thoughts. We're sure Queen Elizabeth would never approve! 

We wonder: What, exactly, was she was thinking?!?

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