Princess Diana's Butler Reveals Her Haunting Last Words to Him

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Anwar Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

Talk about heartbreaking. Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's butler and confidant, recently revealed the final words the princess ever uttered to him before her untimely death in 1997. On Celebrity Big Brother, Burrell said that before Princess Di left for Paris -- where she ultimately and tragically died -- she seemed morose. Burrell shared that Diana was surrounded by "desperation" and "loneliness." And before she departed for her trip, she apparently said something to Burrell that he'll never forget.

According to Burrell, Princess Diana sadly said, "You will be there when I get back, won't you?" before she left. Going off of how Burrell reflects on the princess's final days, it appears she didn't seem very happy and may very well have been depressed. 

Burrell also authored the tell-all book The Way We Were, where, as many have already learned, he revealed that the true love of Diana's life wasn't Dodi Al Fayed, but a heart surgeon named Hasnat Khan. Burrell revealed to ABC News that a few days after Diana passed away, Khan called him hysterical, saying, "I could have saved her! I could have saved her!" Heartbreaking. 

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So many people have remarked on how Princess Diana felt lonely during her last years and longed for normalcy and a life out of the public eye. But her final words to Burrell are both extremely telling and haunting. Of course her butler was going to be there when she returned. It's so sad to think that she had to ask. And clearly Burrell thinks so too. 

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