Duggar Family Praises Anna for Acting Like a Servant

Let's add this to the list of things that make us say hmmm about the Duggar family. As per tradition, the family posted a video in honor of Anna Duggar on her birthday, but after listening to what they had to say, we're more worried for her well-being than ever.


Anna's sisters-in-law Jana and Joy-Anna were the stars of the birthday message, and of course they praised her for being a Godly woman and great example to them.

All well and good so far, especially considering what Anna has been through in the past year. In May of last year, it was revealed that her husband Josh had molested five underage girls as a young teen, including four of his own sisters.

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Then in August, he was caught in the Ashley Madison hack, and confessed to using the infidelity site to be unfaithful to the mother of his four children. Through it all, Anna has stood by his side, and declared publicly several times that she was praying for God to strengthen her marriage.

After this video, however, we're more than a little worried that it's not her Godly spirit that's giving her strength to stay, but her inability to stand up for herself.

Take a look and see if you agree.

In mentioning what they love about Anna, Jana started ticking off all the things Josh's wife does for the family. "Cleaning, doing our dishes, laundry," she said, and even added, "cleaning the bathrooms"

Joy-Anna continued that Anna does "the dirty work that nobody else wants to do." She also praised her sister-in-law for "always serving others and not expecting anything in return."

Jana chimed in again at the end with, "We really love and appreciate you so much."

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Poor Anna! It sounds like she's in the mindset that it's her responsibility to do everyone's dirty work, even when she's going through hell herself. We just want her to realize that it's okay to take care of herself -- whether that means saying no to cleaning the toilets or ending her marriage.

It's one thing to be of service to others, and another thing entirely to be subservient.


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