Britney Spears Is a Hot Mom in New Instagram Post That Begs You to Hate Her

There is truly -- TRULY -- no greater success story of our generation than Britney Spears. Calling the aughts "tumultuous" for her would be a kindness, but even after everything we, a cruel and dangerously nosy society, put her through, she claimed a victory. She took her kids and her talent and settled into a city that loves her, doing shows for people who love her, and collecting all the money thrown at her feet. Occasionally, Britney will Instagram herself in a bikini to remind us that she's still hot, but other than that, she mostly just hangs out with her kids.


With all that considered, it's no surprise really that Britney's Instagram has become a carefully curated collection of inspirational quotes; vids of Jayden, Sean, and Britney goofing off together; and Brit's hot bikini pics.

In other words, it's a wonderful place.

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The latest of Brit's bikini shots sums this all up pretty well, in our opinion -- in the first, she poses under a waterfall looking strong and confident, but with a small-talk caption about the weather. She doesn't mind if you don't notice her victory, it says. She knows she's amazing.

The second post in the two-part series is a video of her twirling, prancing, and doing a stunted, cheerleader-like jump. Her hair whips around behind her, and the lighthearted joy radiating from her face is almost juvenile in nature. She looks young and innocent. But this is Britney Spears. Can she be innocent anymore?

My head is melting it's so hot in Vegas!!

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Twirling for all the haters

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Britney Spears has not been reborn in Las Vegas. She has not shed her past -- her #tbts and current show, Part of Me, should be proof enough of that. She just grew up. No one expected to ever know an adult Britney Spears -- let alone love one -- but she evolved past all of our expectations a long time ago.

And for that, we love her.


Image via britneyspears/Instagram

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