20 Heart-Pounding Love Song Lyrics From the '00s That Still Make Us Melt

Anne Meadows | Jun 24, 2016 Celebrities

Whether you were still carrying your high school textbooks to class in a navy Jansport, driving to your college campus in your family's hand-me-down station wagon, or diving headfirst into the so-called "adult" working world in the 2000s (or all three, in succession), music was your constant companion. You carried it in a Discman, then an iPod, and then your phone. You constantly constructed your own life soundtrack from songs you downloaded on Napster (of course, when it was "legal") or ripped from CDs through iTunes. You knew the dances to all the hit songs from watching video after video on MTV. You made mix tapes for each of your crushes with all the songs that expressed feelings that you couldn't -- and then never shared them. 

Now that the music from the aughts is firmly in #tbt territory, we can really appreciate the melding of pop, R&B, rock, and Latin dance that defined the decade. These love songs lyrics from the 2000s will take you right back to the longing, the anxious laughter, the weight of unrequited love, and the excitement of flirtation we all felt in those early adulthood days.   

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