15 Times Kate Middleton Had Prince William on a Short Leash

Kate Middleton Prince WilliamThere are many occasions when it's a good idea to keep someone on a short leash. Walking an exuberant Great Dane puppy through a Dale Chihuly exhibit is one of them. Transporting a crocodile through a busy petting zoo is another. Attending a public event with your delightfully social but perhaps easily distracted husband seems like another plausible example.


So it only makes sense that Kate Middleton would occasionally feel the need to keep Prince William on a short leash, figuratively speaking. Instead of coming across as demanding or controlling, Kate seems like the sweetest and most supportive partner a royal could have. So it's all the more adorable that Will perpetually looks eager to stick by Kate's side. Keep reading for some of our favorite examples of Will's impressive devotion -- and physical proximity -- to Kate.


Image via Splash News

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