Fan Proposes to Prince Harry & His Response Is Hilarious

So, look. Prince Harry is a honest-to-goodness prince with a heart of gold and a dreamy, ginger-topped body. It's no secret that girls everywhere want to marry him. We do -- we mean, we're not insane. We've just never gotten close enough to ask. But one young fan was close enough (and brave enough) to propose to Harry, and his response was adorable and delightful, just like the man himself.


According to People, it went something like this:

GIRL: "I want to marry you. I want to be a princess."

HARRY: "You don't want that -- there's too big an age gap. You've been reading lots of books."

For the record, the girl, Lottie, is 6. So Harry's not wrong about the age gap. 

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The two met at a community rugby program near Manchester -- Harry was hanging out with the kids there as part of his initiative to spread awareness about how sports can help kids socially as well as physically. The real star of the show was obviously 6-year-old Lottie, but Andrew Henderson, a freestyle soccer champion, was also there.

He did a little passing and a little juggling with Harry and the kids:

The whole gang was scheduled to play a little rugby with some of England's under-20 rugby squad, but Harry tapped out because of a "bad back."

Shoot, is Harry getting old? Lottie doesn't have any idea what she's getting into.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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