Beyonce Keeps Stirring the 'Lemonade' With Her Lemon-Themed Beachwear

Beyonce and Jay z

It's been a while since we took a sip of Beyonce's visual album Lemonade, but rest assured that there's plenty more to come. Of course, if it was anyone else, the album may have simply served up a fresh new summer playlist -- however, it's Queen Bey we're talking about, so best believe she knows how to create a long-lasting buzz. And that's certainly what it seems she intends to do (especially for her darling Beyhive). In fact, just recently on her Hawaiian vacation with Jay and Blue, Beyonce was spotted wearing a lemonade-themed outfit while on the beach.


And, of course, she looked as flawless as ever, wearing a yellow sarong with a lemon headpiece to match her lemon earrings -- by far making her boldest lemonade-esque fashion statement since the album dropped. 

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But, in Bey's making this unspoken declaration that wearing lemons on your dress isn't just reserved for the sundresses of June Cleaver, she coronated summer 2016 as the summer of lemons.

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If by some small chance you're even thinking about doubting me, you better remember the kind of influence this woman has and recognize it's real as hell.

In fact, let me help you. Since the album was released, her stans (more affectionately known as the Beyhive) have attacked "Becky," increased the sales of actual lemonade, and single-handedly served to protect the woman that many of them have never even met. 

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So, when I tell you that lemon gear is going to be on the rise after the latest sighting, just trust me and brace yourselves as I've begun to do. Hell, bracing yourself may even mean embracing the trend yourself. (And, yes, this now means you can gallivant around freely in all the yellow that you desire -- whether you look like honey mustard or lemonade.)

But further proof lies in the fact that before she even brought the lemons on herself, others began popping up with lemon-themed gear, and that's not even including little Blue's celebratory outfit. 

My Beautiful Grandaughter celebrated her moms lemonade visual Album .

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See, and I don't believe in coincidence. Sorry. 

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And although Rita Ora deleted the original post featuring her lemonade lingerie posted around the time the album dropped, here's a meme from one Beyhive member ready to redirect the haters' Becky attacks. Which also prompts me to point out the fact that Bey looks completely unbothered by any rumored Becky (that may or may not exist) as she walked the beach with her hubby. 

Nonetheless, if you're thinking you may want to get ahead of the trend in order to say you were down before the rest of the hive swarmed to it, just hold tight. We're thinking boutiques may soon be stocked with the bittersweet lemon clothing (well, here's hoping) that you never knew you needed -- until now.  


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