Prince William's Birthday Plans Prove He Really Is Just a Regular Dad

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Prince Party Pooper? Prince William turns 34 on Tuesday, and the duke's birthday plans have recently been revealed. To ring in the big day, he'll be traveling. Exciting! The prince flew to France in order to cheer on England's soccer team, which was playing Slovakia on Monday in the city of Saint Etienne, and on Tuesday, he heads back. From the sound of things, though, his family has a little something up its sleeve for Wills. 


A royal source told People that, once he's done traveling, he'll be celebrating his birthday "privately." In other words, a couple of helpings of Kate's famous spaghetti supremo and a homemade card from George. Long gone are the prince's days of partying it up at nightclubs. He's left that to Harry. 

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Prince William of course had many years to hit up clubs with gaggles of friends and even more champagne. He's probably more than happy to relax at home with his beautiful family and wake up the next day without a massive hangover. Adulthood -- and fatherhood -- suits William well. 

The duke and duchess have had a very eventful year so far -- it's only been a few months since they've returned from their tour of India -- so it's unlikely that William's feeling like he's missing out on anything. And with a beautiful wife and two happy healthy kids at home, how could he?

Happy Birthday, Wills!

prince william


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