Chrissy Teigen Cheers as Mariah Carey Has Her Way With John Legend (VIDEO)

John Legend Chrissy TeigenIt's not every wife who could cheer along as her hubby gets blindfolded and tickled by Mariah Carey. But, as this hot mama continues to illustrate, she's not your average missus. Chrissy Teigen had an adorable reaction as hubby John Legend appeared onstage with Mariah Carey and was basically used as a sexy prop during Mariah's "Touch My Body" number.


Contrary to the usual "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," videos of the playful Mariah Carey having her way with the "All of Me" singer were posted to the Instagram accounts of the songstress and the supermodel. Take a look:

Good sport @johnlegend

A video posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

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Legend certainly looks comfortable up there! As Carey points out, he's definitely a #goodsport. But an even better one is little Luna's mom, who cheered them on from the audience.

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Funny to read Chrissy's caption and realize she's capable of being just as big a fangirl as the rest of us. We love that she thanked Mariah for making the event so special, too.

Don't you love and admire how cool this new mom is? She's so totally secure in herself and her relationship that she's loving this moment. And why shouldn't she be? Even though she gave birth to the couple's first child two months ago, she and Legend have been enjoying date nights and some quality time together with enviable regularity. Good for them!



Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash



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