Kylie Jenner Honors Caitlyn for Father's Day & the Internet Freaks Out

Of all the thing people could be upset about ... this one seems sort of ridiculous. Kylie Jenner just got lambasted for posting about Caitlyn, and honestly, we can't figure out why people would think she's judging her dad for this.


Kylie shared a throwback pic of her and her dad on her official app on Thursday, in honor of her daddy. Just days before Father's Day. The post showed her as a little girl being held by then-Bruce, and was titled, "Throwback Thursday: Daddy’s Girl."

For the caption, Kylie wrote, "This #TBT is dedicated to my dad in honor of Father’s Day! I love you so much! Thank you for being you. :)" It was sweet and charming and loving ... to some people. But others jumped on her since Caitlyn is obviously a woman now.

Because how dare Kylie honor her dad on Father's Day, by remembering a sweet moment they shared in the past. Caitlyn is Cait now, but one of the most amazing things she has done during her transition is acknowledging that she's still "dad" to all of her kids.

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That's an amazing gift, and so special that even though she was uncomfortable being a man for so many years, she still loved her role in parenting these kids.

And for anyone who doubts Kylie's love for her dad, let us refer you to an article from People magazine last November. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner crew said of Cait, "She's lived an amazing life, and she's always done amazing things. She's such a good role model for so many people, and I know she wants to do so much good with what she's doing."

Kylie posted a sweet and loving pic of her dad in honor of Father's Day. There's nothing to freak out about here.


Image via SPW Pro/Splash News

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