Kris Humphries's Way of Describing Kim Kardashian's 'GQ' Cover Is Just Bizarre

Kim KardashianSeriously?! It's no secret that Kim Kardashian's new GQ cover is insane. But did Kris Humphries really need to say it out loud?! Actually, in order to make things as uncomfy as possible, Kris supposedly used the word "scrumptious" to describe his ex's body on the mag. Just, no, dude. No.  


According to sources, Humphries was slack-jawed when he saw the gorgeous naked photos of his ex-wife. "Damn. Just damn. Kris is kicking himself because Kim is sexy as f**k in her GQ cover and pictures," an insider told Hollywood Life. Also, making Kris's reaction slightly less believable, the source added, "To him, she’s stacked taller and looks more scrumptious than IHOP’s double blueberry pancakes. Looking at those pics is making him daydream about being with her again." Oh. Okay. 

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While it's certainly believable that Kris would be in awe of Kim's photos (who isn't?!), it's a little difficult to believe that he wouldn't have the common sense to keep these thoughts to himself. He and Kanye (and Kim) aren't on the best terms already. Yeezy definitely won't like the sound of this if it gets back to him. 

All of this said, though, it's nice to hear Kris say something nice about his ex. We've only ever heard negative things from both him and Kim since the couple's 72-day marriage came to an end. Maybe this is the beginning of his forgiving and forgetting? Let's hope so. 

But for the record: Yeah, kinda sucks to be Kris right now. Kim is out of control. 

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Images via Jackson Lee/Splash News; GQ

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