Royal Family Tells Prince Harry It's Time to Get Married

It's been fun watching Prince Harry grow up, go crazy, and date a bunch of hot and impossibly cool blonde girls, but we're kind of getting to the point where we wish he'd just settle down and find forever happiness. Apparently, we're not alone -- according to sources for OK!the royal family is getting antsy for Harry to get married to a nice, normal lady, and they think Ellie Goulding could be that girl.


Ellie's such an insanely successful pop star, we'd kind of think they wouldn't approve. But OK! reports that since she and Harry have known each other so long, they trust her and are totally down for a serious relationship between the two. 

Will and Kate, for their part, apparently "love Ellie to bits," and they know Harry's "dying to get married." So Harry + lonely desperation + Ellie Goulding = the perfect recipe for a long and loving marriage. Great! Nailed it.

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Actually, though, the two do have really good chemistry in photos. They've been friends for years, but now there are reports they were caught snogging at a polo game in May. No word yet on whether that's totally fabricated ... but if it's TRUE, maybe Ellie is ... the ... one? Ach, that hurts us to say.

We'd like to think that when the time comes, we'll put our jealously aside and support Harry in whatever relationship he chooses. We just want him to be happy, you know? Since our support is obviously important to him and he totally cares what we think, and since he definitely could do worse than Ellie, we think we can give him this one.

(You're welcome, Harry.)


Image via Splash News

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