Taylor Swift Stole Our Tom Hiddleston Dreams & We're Not (Too) Mad Anymore

Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston

The thing about Tom Hiddleston is that he was kind of the Internet's boyfriend in many ways. (Or just Tumblr's boyfriend? I'm not entirely sure; I'm not on Tumblr, but this is what I hear.) He's charming; he's intelligent; he's British; he comes across as kind and sensitive. He was the unconventional heartthrob we needed but not the one we deserved. He also never seemed to be photographed with any significant others, making him conveniently "available" to all of our delusional fangirl selves. So when he appeared in a very staged-looking photo op with the mega-popular and sort of divisive Taylor Swift -- in which the two were seen kissing, taking selfies, holding hands, and cuddling at the beach -- it left many of us Hiddleston fans feeling confused and in denial. But weirdly I think I'm changing my original tune about the whole thing.


Like many a red-blooded angry Hiddles stan ("Hiddles" being his Internet nickname, and "stan" being a general term for a rabid fan of someone's), I was ready to revoke my stan card after I saw the Sun's photos of Tom and Taylor at the beach in Rhode Island. Not our Tom! I thought. Not like this! Our handsome real-life Disney prince was above this fake-candid, attention-grabbing kind of display. Let TayTay enjoy that realm, but not our beloved Hiddles, too precious for this world.

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Then I remembered that Taylor had just gone through a breakup with a pretty lame-seeming DJ, and how we've all made dating mistakes in the past, and how the best revenge is to upgrade with a better dude and be seen looking happy and in love with him. Who among us has not dreamt of this glorious scenario? I win, it screams. Bye, bitch.  

Meanwhile, Hiddleston's name has been thrown around the media lately as a possible contender for the next James Bond. And even though he's been in some of the highest-grossing films of all time (Loki in the Avengers films, anyone?), he's still not quite a household name. You know who is, though? Taylor. She (likely) calls the paparazzi just to photograph her going from her car to her apartment and it still makes headlines, so there you go.

So Tay gets to burn her ex, and Hiddles gets a name-recognition boost. It's not the worst thing to get from a possible new relationship.

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Or, you know, they actually were just innocently frolicking and cuddling at the beach and they had no idea they were being photographed. (Lol.)

Either way, I guess the point is that not even our Hiddles is above this kind of thirsty fame-seeking exhibition with a new girlfriend. He's an actor. Actors are all a little out of their minds. He's also human, so there's that, too. He's not our perfect IRL Disney prince, but he's still damn close. And Taylor?

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