Talking About Meg Ryan's Face Is an Insult to All Women -- So, Stop

These days, for whatever reason, Meg Ryan prefers to stay indoors. Actually, scratch that -- we know the reason. Or at least we can guess: These days, Meg Ryan prefers to stay indoors because whenever she steps out publicly, her face makes national headlines. Her face. Not, like, her work or her interviews about how happy she is at her current age. Her face. Generally, these headlines are not kind. So we can't really blame her for avoiding us. Can you?


Here's the deal: Meg Ryan's face looks different. She was born in 1961, meaning that when you picture Meg Ryan at her shaggy-haired peak, you're picturing Meg in her 30s. Today she's 54. If you don't think some natural aging has happened during those 20 years, you're not paying close enough attention to your own face.

But wait, you say. Look at her cheeks. Look at her nose. Let me show you this photo zoomed in 300 percent, you say. Her skin is tighter, her smile is constrained, and her nose is a little higher. She definitely had work done -- look, let me zoom in a little more.

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Stop. Seriously -- stop. You already know how hard it is to be a woman in Hollywood. You know that once the clock strikes 34, women's salaries will plummet and their jobs will disappear. You know it's not this way for men, and you know that if women do have plastic surgery, they're doing it for us. They just want us to stop talking about how old they look.

But they're women, so we won't.

It shouldn't matter whether or not Meg Ryan has had plastic surgery. Clicking through photos and hunting for proof is fun, I know. But it's insulting. It's insulting to Meg and the real, actual work she's done everywhere else but her face. It's insulting to the women who choose that path and the women who don't, and it's insulting to the society we're trying to build that doesn't think twice about your nose -- whether it's the one you were born with or not.

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We cannot keep talking about women only in the context of their appearance. We don't know what choices led them to alter their faces or their bodies -- and, even if we did, it's not our place to think about it or judge them for it. We just need to shut TF up and accept them as they are.

Women are getting more than enough scrutiny from the Hollywood execs who are calling them too old or too ugly to get the parts and the salaries they deserve. They don't need us zooming in on photos and inspecting shadows and pores and lines. They need us to tell Hollywood that we don't care. 


Image via Theo Wargo/Getty Images

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