Kendall Jenner's New Hairstyle Is Not What We Expected

Hold on to your hats and wigs! Kendall Jenner just chopped off her hair, and she looks fabulous. She debuted her new look on Snapchat, and later showed it off while attending a fashion show with her brother-in-law Kanye West, and we just can't get enough.


The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star lopped off several inches of her previously mid-back-length hair, becoming the latest celeb to sport a trendy lob.

Take a look at this gorgeousness!

It's like a Christmas miracle in June! Not only do we get a glimpse of Kendall's newly shorn locks, but we also get to see Kanye smiling! A rare sight indeed.

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The pair were indulging in their love of fashion at Tyler The Creator's fashion show for Made LA on Saturday, June 10, a day after the supermodel showed off her new look on Snapchat. At first fans thought it was only a wig, but the outing with Kanye seems to prove that she actually took the plunge with her mane.

Or maybe it's just a really, really good wig. Either way, Kendall looks fabulous!


Images via Splash News; Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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