20 Times Prince George Was the Boss of the Family

Amy Goldman | Jun 20, 2016 Celebrities
20 Times Prince George Was the Boss of the Family


At just 4 years old, Prince George already has a lot of experience being in charge of his very distinguished family. The little prince has a habit of stealing the spotlight any time he makes a public appearance. Just look at his adorably prominent cheeks and oft-furrowed brow. Everyone knows who's calling the shots in Kate Middleton and Prince William's household.

From meeting the president to holding conversations with Queen Elizabeth II, George knows how to command attention. He has a pretty big personality for such a little guy -- and we can't get enough of it! George does not ever feel the need to hide his expressions and it calls for some pretty priceless moments. 

When it comes to royal kids, it's hard to imagine anyone more entertaining than Kate and William's firstborn. Revel in the pint-sized prince's undeniable chutzpah by checking out these instances that Prince George was the boss of the royal family.

Here are 20 times Prince George totally stole the spotlight! 

  • Good to Go

    prince george
    Samir Hussein/Getty Images

    Prince George gave a thumbs up as he attended the The Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford. His approval is obviously all that matters. 

  • Hello, Mr. President 

    prince george meets president obama
    Pete Souza/The White House/Getty Images

    When former president Barack Obama visited Windsor Castle, he made sure to meet young Prince George. And of course George casually greeted our 44th president while wearing a fluffy white robe. Priceless. 

  • A Little Dramatic Flare 

    royal family
    DZY/Getty Images

    While the royal family is all smiles, George isn't afraid to show how he really feels. We're sure he was having a long day and all, but how cute is Prince William's smirk at his son!

  • Let's Go, Mom

    kate middleton, george, and charlotte
    Pool/Samir Hussein/Getty Images

    While at the airport George was a little antsy. But, Kate was surely trying to keep him (and Princess Charlotte) entertained. 

  • Great-Grandma's Boy

    prince george and queen elizabeth
    Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    George can get anyone's full attention, including the queen herself. Great-grandmum is all ears for the little prince. 

  • It's George's World, They're Just Living In It

    Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

    George is fully aware that the crowds of adoring subjects are there for him, and him alone. Sure, his parents are great, and his little sister is cute, but we all know who's really running the show.

  • Soon, They Shall Know His Power

    Image via Splash News

    George's pensive expression suggests that he's plotting his next political move. Whatever could it be? Negotiating for an extra square of organic chocolate after dinner, perhaps? 

  • Alas, Poor Yorick

    Image via TGB/Splash News

    George takes a moment to mourn a fallen court jester. It's hard being a maybe-future king.

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  • That'll Do, Father, That'll Do

    Image via Allpix/Splash News

    "The floral arrangements for my christening are suitable, father. I am rather fond of baby's breath."

    "Thank you, George. I'm so glad you approve."

  • Spoils Aplenty

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    "Mother dearest, your silken strands make for such a lovely chew toy and makeshift mustache."

    "Whatever you say, dear."

  • Driver, Take Me That Way

    Image via James Whatling

    George directed his mum across the field while they watched Will compete in a charity polo match. He probably spotted an associate he needed to scold for drooling too much at playtime.

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  • Centre of Attention

    Image via INFphoto.com

    George can't help stealing the show at his sister's christening. That's what happens when you have an iron will and the face of one of Michelangelo's cherubs.

  • Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears a Crown

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Life as a prince is rough when the rest of the world fails to meet your high standards. How disrespectful of Kate to not take George's discontent seriously. 

  • He Just Can't Wait to be King

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    "Someday," whispered George, "this will be my kingdom, and I will be ready to lead them."

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  • Great Expectations

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Kate may be his legal guardian, but George is obviously the boss. He appears to be content with the day's proceedings, for now.

  • Birthday Boy

    Image via Splash News

    When George asks for a butterfly for his birthday, George gets a butterfly for his birthday.

  • Dress for the Job You Want

    Image via INFphoto.com

    George pulls off the "posh young prince who rules his family with an iron fist" look so well. 

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  • He Wants to Go to There

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    George the bilby doesn't appear to recognize George the baby's authority. George won't let that stop him from making the cute marsupial his new best friend.

  • Posing With His Loyal Subjects

    Image via John Stillwell/WPA-Pool/Splash News

    Even the highest-ranking royals have to make time for their families. George kindly obliges his parents' request for a holiday photo shoot.

  • Long May He Reign

    Image via Ranald Mackechnie/Royal Mail/WPA-Pool/Splash News

    George looks so thrilled that his great-grandma, grandpa, and father agreed to pose in his publicity portrait with him. Oh, and to celebrate his great-grandmum's 90th.

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