20 Times Prince George Was the Boss of the Family

Amy Goldman | Jun 20, 2016 Celebrities


At just 4 years old, Prince George already has a lot of experience being in charge of his very distinguished family. The little prince has a habit of stealing the spotlight any time he makes a public appearance. Just look at his adorably prominent cheeks and oft-furrowed brow. Everyone knows who's calling the shots in Kate Middleton and Prince William's household.

From meeting the president to holding conversations with Queen Elizabeth II, George knows how to command attention. He has a pretty big personality for such a little guy -- and we can't get enough of it! George does not ever feel the need to hide his expressions and it calls for some pretty priceless moments. 

When it comes to royal kids, it's hard to imagine anyone more entertaining than Kate and William's firstborn. Revel in the pint-sized prince's undeniable chutzpah by checking out these instances that Prince George was the boss of the royal family.

Here are 20 times Prince George totally stole the spotlight! 

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