New Portrait of Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip Shows Love Doesn’t Age

Queen Elizabeth is no stranger to the camera, but as she's gotten older, she sits for fewer and fewer official portraits. But since she just passed her 90th birthday this year, she sat for a session with Annie Leibovitz. Most of the photos made their way to Vanity Fair, but one precious photo of Elizabeth and Philip has been kept private until now.


The royal family's official Twitter posted the photo on June 9, one day before Prince Philip's 95th birthday. (Wait -- 95, though? He's oooollld.)

Too cute? Too cute. (Are we allowed to call the reigning monarchs of one of the world's foremost countries cute? Whatever. TOO LATE.)

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Everything from their matching outfits to their matching smiles is making us squee, but we especially love the queen's quote about Philip. Their relationship is inspirational, and we hope they still have years and years to go.

Next year, Elizabeth and Philip celebrate 70 years together, which is obviously insane. We can't imagine liking anybody that long, but their ease and comfort with each other oozes out of this portrait. Inspirational, we tell ya.

Congratulations to both on their birthdays and on 69 long years of marriage. Celebrate with more perfect portraits, please!


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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