17 Signs Prince Harry Will Be an Awesome Dad

Amy Goldman | Jun 13, 2016 Celebrities
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Prince Haryr
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Although there were tons of people who wish they could be the Princess Buttercup to Prince Harry's Wesley, there are now even more folks who just want to see Harry and his new wife Meghan Markle and have lots of adorable ginger offspring. From his substantial charity work in support of disadvantaged children to his regular public appearances at schools and youth sports programs, Harry has established himself as a champion for kids of all walks of life.

It's obvious that when Harry is finally ready to have a family of his own, he'll be a caring, supportive, and very cool parent. And since him and his wife have dropped pretty strong hints that they want a family sooner rather than later, we think it's safe to say that we might get to see Harry in dad-mode in the near future. And we can't wait!

Prince Harry has always been one of the most extraverted royals, which has given us plenty of reason to believe that he'll pretty much be the dad of the century. He's fun, lovable, and downright charming. And sure, Kate and William are rockstar parents, but we just know that the Duke of Sussex is going to be the coolest dad to walk the Commonwealth. 

So, if you aren't convinced just yet, no need to fear. Here are 17 signs that Prince Harry will be an awesome dad. And sorry ladies, you have to remember that he's already taken. 

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