Chris Rock Offends Selena Gomez, Beyonce & All Women in the Laziest Way Possible

When hell itself split open and Chris Rock climbed into this world, he proclaimed himself a bold and brash comedian who would give no sh*ts about offending people. And so: Chris Rock has built a career basically just on being a dick. Usually that's fine with us. He's funny and makes us uncomfortable, which, arguably, is what such a political comedian should do. But we've never been here for his anti-ladies jokes, and today is no different: Chris Rock's tweet about Selena Gomez being the poor man's Beyonce was mean, lazy, and totally off the mark.


When lining up his shot, Chris did what the Internet does best: He found something funny somewhere, claimed it as his own, and posted it with dumb commentary. He pulled the trigger, and it looked like this:

Okay, first: To anyone who's going to say, "It's a joke! Get over it!" -- don't. His "joke" is so lazy, it hardly deserves that title, and ANYWAY, we're talking more about the implications than the laugh-out-loud factor here. We know it's a joke. We know we don't have to take it seriously. But there's kind of a lot going on here, and we want to talk about it.

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The implication is, if you didn't catch it, that 23-year-old Selena Gomez believes she is 34-year-old Beyonce now because she wore an outfit at one of her shows that seems to be inspired by Bey's famous leotards.

There's obviously a resemblance there, but fashion gives and fashion takes, and celebrities borrowing each other's styles is not a new or newsworthy thing. In this case, it's not problematic or offensive.

What is problematic and offensive is Chris Rock reducing Selena Gomez and Beyonce to their clothes.

Look, we're not going to sweat this one too hard. He's a comedian, it's a joke, etc., etc. But his casual use of sexism like this is indicative of a larger issue that we need to be watching out for. Words have power, and ascribing that power to the wrong places is just going screw us all over. 

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The sooner we can stop joking about women competing/women's talent and public image only going as deep as their clothes/women only existing in the context of men's commentary, the sooner these kinds of conversations can leave our cultural dialogue for good. And the sooner they do that, the sooner we'll get to a place where women can just live and stop picking apart comedians' jokes for latent bullsh*t. It'd be nice, wouldn't it?


Image via Jen Lowery/Splash News

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